Feb 4, 2008

Superbowl Commercials: Healthy Product Reviews

As I sit behind my computer today, trying to piece it all together but my mind keeps going back to that last touchdown pass with less than a minute to go. I was convinced Tom Brady would drive the ball to get into scoring position. Stephen Gostkowski would come on the field, and kick the tying field goal. Of course, I thought we would win in overtime. It's Tom Brady, my hero, my biggest celebrity crush, my favorite athlete of all time. But as most of you know that's not how the rest of the story goes.

I don't really remember any of the commercials except the screaming squirrel and the Pepsi max commercial featuring the "Night at the Roxbury" head bang. Here are my commercial reviews in regards to diet friendly products that debuted last night during the Superbowl:

Diet Pepsi Max
: This commercial I think was a success. To refresh your memory, or fill you in, this commercial featured people nodding off to then catch their head right before it falls. This used to happen to me ALL THE TIME in high school and college during class. I thought it was funny because it's something silly, and has totally happened to everyone. The drink is a calorie free diet cola with ginseng and extra caffeine. This product sounds promising, but I see it's shelf life to be short lived. Grade: C Low calorie and ginseng are a plus for this product, but soda is just not good for you (in my educated opinion).

Life Water by Sobe: I think there more than one commercial for this product, but the first one I remember was the "Thriller" dancing lizards. I thought it was funny and creepy at the same time. It was until a few hours later that I realized why the lizard choice in dancing animals was because the product was by Sobe (who uses a lizard in their logo). I felt stupid for a minute and then I got over it. Sobe is now trying to piggy back on the success of Vitamin Water. People no longer want to drink empty calories. Products with dual benefits are now all the rage i.e. quench thirst, get vitamins. The site says: "SoBe Life water is a unique water that not only gives you a high level of vitamins and antioxidants, but is also infused with natural herbs and is low in calories without using artificial sweeteners." Unique? I'm not sure it's that unique these days, but that is awesome they don't use artificial sweeteners and it's low calorie! During the 'bowl they did not push it as a diet product which is always a good thing, so there's no hidden connotation that you are watching your weight if you want to give it a try. Comes in 5 flavors, and the site boasts it has 10 less calories than vitaminwater per serving (40 Calories). Grade: B+
Good concept, no artificial sweeteners, however trying to look like vitamin water is not unique.

Amp Energy Drink: Tow Truck Driver Jump Cables - This commercial was kind of funny, kind of gross. I was annoyed by Amp Energy for their stupid commercials on the exercise bike during pre-game coverage. What is it? Why would I want to try it? # Turn up your Energy with AMP Energy Drink . Only AMP Energy Drink has MDX5™, taurine, ginseng, B-vitamins, guarana and maltodextrin, a complex carb. All in a great-tasting citrus fusion. AMP has 120 calories. Yes caffeine gives you energy and may reduce pain while working out, letting you workout longer but why would drink something that would take you about 1.2 miles to burn off? Grade: F Annoying commercials mostly, nothing really new, too much sugar (30 grams).

SIDE NOTE: Adam Sandler's movie is called "Don't Mess With Zohan." I can't help but think it's a spoof about Lindsey Lohan. I feel like it may even be a Perez Hilton term or T-Shirt, "Don't mess with Lohan." Anyone else? No?

Gatorade G2: Derek Jeter walking in NYC. I am a Red Sox fan, but Jeter seems like a classy guy. G2 is a "low calorie hydrator." But It's gatorade's version of Propel. I tried it, and did not like it. I like Propel's taste much better. The G2 was way too sweet and tasted artificial and cough medicine-y. Sorry G2. But if Propel was not available and I was hungover, I would buy it. G2 has 25 calories in an 8 oz serving. Propel has 10 calories.

I loved the half time show. Tom Petty was a great choice. He played classic songs that are loved by both sexes, many ages, fun to dance to and sing along with. Jordan Sparks sang the national anthem and looked fabulous! She wiped away a tear at the end, and then said, "Thank you American Idol. I am the luckiest girl in the world." The people who ran onto the field during the beginning of Tom Petty's set also had the "The is the best moment of my life" face.

If I missed any products or you have tried a few of these products yourself please let us know what you liked and didn't like. It's funny how the commercials were either promoting alchohol (specifically Beer), and drinks for working out (or hangovers). Check out MySpace to see the commercials.

This is at the bottom because I want to say this but I don't want my friends and family to read it: I am very sad the Patriots lost because they were so close to having a perfect season. If they were not undefeated going into the Superbowl, I would not be so upset. As the youngest of 3 children, a very small part of me is happy for Eli Manning. He has always played in the shadow of his older brother and now he has had his chance to shine. I just wish that he played for a team that was from not from New York. There are some good people out there who are Giants fans, unfortunately the men who attended The University of Delaware that DO root for the Giants are kind of obnoxious. My friend Ashley is a Giants fan. When I last saw her on New Years and I tried not to talk football given the Pats had just beat her G-Men. But if for Ashley alone, congratulations Giants fans.

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