Feb 21, 2008

Kirstie's Mission: Make Fat America Fit Again

THE ALLEY DIET… By now you've heard Kirstie Alley will no longer be working for Jenny Craig. She is however looking to create her own diet program! Hopefully by now, you have all seen my YouTube video, "Sarah Fights Back." If not, click here. By the way I love reading people's comments on my videos, regardless if they bash my body or praise my resilience. Kirstie wrote to People.com on her new venture and here are my favorite points:

The weight-loss field is wide open and not immune to new ideas and improved solutions for the fat problems that plague many of us Americans every day. I want to create something new that will help millions of people end the seemingly never ending fatty-roller coaster ride. I am especially passionate about seeing to it that our next generations are not struggling with the same weight issues that my generation has struggled with.

There was a time when America was not fat, and that was in our not-so-distant past. I'm confident that I can create something exciting and innovative: something that if all goes well, will help change a fat America back into a fit America and will offer this country the healthiest, yummiest, easiest and most effective weight-loss program on the market.

Really? Seriously? You're going to do that? My first problem with this is that I am probably more qualified than Alley to tell people how to lose weight. Is she a dietitian? Did she even go to college? I wasn't aware that there were any diets out there to be categorized as innovative or exciting. But then again, I think I'm a pretty creative person. I'm going to create my own weight-loss program. Then I'm going to go on tour around America to make sure they do it so that I can CHANGE America and its fat ways. If Kirstie Alley can, so can I! And that people, is my American dream!

NO HASSLE! We knew it wouldn't be long before another celebrity was gushing about how they lost their baby weight, and sure enough as luck would have it, we bring you Elisabeth Hasselbeck. While appearing at J.C. Penney's launch of the American Living clothing line, the View co-host showed no signs of giving birth just three months ago. However unlike some of the other lucky celebs, Hasselbeck works hard for her body. "I've been working out like a crazy women!" she admitted. "Lots of hard work. I'm trying." She adds that exercise is something she always looks forward to. "That's my vacation," she explained. "Are you kidding? That's the only time I get to myself. [My personal trainer] is like, you get to run six miles today. And I'm like, thank you!" [People.com]

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