Jan 26, 2009

Did Jessica Simpson get fat again!?

Jessica Simpson Performs (January 25, 2009/JustJared.com)

A favorite pastime of mine is looking at Google Trends.  It tells you what are the top 100 searched terms during the hour.  Usually it consists of non celebrities in the news, stories seen on The Today Show or random things like Nuyorican because MTV was airing True Life: I'm a Nuyorican during that hour.  Today, "Jessica Simpson Fat" is a hot trend.  

I wanted to know why so after doing a little bit of research I found some pictures from a concert the blonde pop tart sang at this weekend.  Simpson appeared at the “99.9 KISS Country Chili Cookoff” yesterday at CB Smith Park on Flamingo Road in Pembroke Pines, Florida. 

First and foremost, her outfit was horrendous.  I don't care if she gains weight or loses weight, but doesn't she have people giving her advice on what to wear?  I mean, if she did gain a little bit of weight, high waisted pants should be the last item of clothing she should have chosen to wear.  She may have gained 10 lbs over the Holidays, after all she does live in Texas, but the clothing added another 10. 

Here is my prediction for the year 2009 in the life of Jessica Simpson. 

  • Gain weight until photographed and blogged about. 

  • Find a diet company willing to pay for an endorsement. 

  • Exercise with personal trainer 5 days a week. 

  • Eat healthy. 

  • Lose weight. 

  • Call People magazine to tell them about the diet that helped changed my life.

  • Use recent publicity to plug album and make more money.

Also, does anyone remember Tyler from MTV's Real World Key West?  Well as it turns out he is a Pilates and Dance instructor right in Somerville.  I had the chance to catch up with him and get some leg slimming ballet moves that you can do in the kitchen or while pumping gas.  It's a nice break from typical squats and lunges that you can almost anywhere!  Check back for a link to the video when it becomes live or just go over to YouTube and subscribe to my channel! 


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Buxi said...

She looks a bit fat iap and she used to look ok. Msg attacking! lol

Anonymous said...

I guess she's on Tony Romo's diet... Have you seen the latest pics? Jeez...
Jessica Simpson Fat