Jan 9, 2009

Boost Energy Workout!

Although the days are getting longer, it seems I've been getting more lethargic by the day.

I'm trying to save money by skipping my daily Dunkin' Donuts cup of joe but I need another way to kick my butt into focus mode. I asked body transformation expert Stephen Cabral to help me find a way to boost my energy levels without tapping into my wallet.

Caffeine can give you a boost but can also lead to crash so these two exercises are great to get your mind and body moving. You're going to wake up your entire body.
Do these exercises until you are fatigued but not to failure.

Exercise 1: T-Twist Pushups: Get in plank position on forearms. Lift right arm up and twist hips open towards the right. Feet should be about a foot apart and fall like dominoes. Hold for a full breath count, and return to your forearms.

Lateral Raises: Standing shoulder distance apart, lunge out with your right foot to the right, keeping the left leg straight. Bend down and come right back up pushing off the right leg. Make sure to really push through your butt to get the glutes going.

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