Jan 7, 2009

Can Exercise Cure a Hangover?

Should you workout when you're hungover? Some people feel the need to workout every day, but if you're hungover it may make you feel worse than you already do! However there are some exercise moves that can make you feel better. Of course we are not recommending to go out and get wasted, but if you have one too many drinks, this is a good after the fact remedy.

The Night Before

If you're reading this prior to your night out, drink lots of water and start off the night with some food. Also take 50 mg of B6 vitamin before you start drinking. Take another 50 mg before bed with some Smart Water. Don't take any acetaminophen's, as they can damage your liver when mixed with alcohol. Also remember that clear liquor is best when trying to avoid that morning headache.

The Morning After

So you wake up and feel like death? First, take a look at what type of shape you are in. How much did you have to drink the night before? How bad do you really feel?

If you must squeeze in a workout keep the intensity level lower than usual. Don't do high intensity or interval training.

You're probably dehydrated so you should drink electrolyte filled water to help rehydrate your body. Gatorade is loaded with sugar so try a calorie free version or skip the artificial sweeteners all together and grab a smart water or other non flavored electrolyte water beverage. Check out some great tasting drinks in this taste test video here where the Diet.com employees tried a variety of calorie free fitness drinks.

Stay away from bent over exercises where your head goes below your knees, like a downward dog or bent over row. You should also refrain from heavy lifting squats as well.

Stick to body weight exercises, or light calisthenics like jumping jacks. Get your blood flowing with something like high knees or if you can get to the gym walk on a low incline on the treadmill to get your blood flowing and start feeling better.

Bottom line, don't drink if you need to get in that hard core training or are trying to lose weight.

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