Dec 22, 2008

The Worst Holiday Foods

You may not lose fat during the holidays but you can avoid gaining weight. Knowing the better choice between two options can save you up to 2000 calories in one day! Paired with your routine fitness regimen or a special hotel workout and you're almost home free. Here are the worst holiday foods according to Men's Health magazine editors and my two cents.

The Worst Mall Food:
The scent of cinnamon makes clinically is proven to make you happy and want to spend money but that scent of Cinnabon can also add 1100 calories to your daily calorie intake. Roughly have of your daily caloric recommendation, 56 grams of fat and 47 grams of sugar, this sweet smelling bun has the equivalent nutritional value as 8 burger king orders of onion rings. If you can't resist the smell, get the Cinnabon Sticks for only eat 346 calories.

The Worst Hors D'oeuvres
A crab cake has 400 calories and 30 grams of fat which is equivalent to six twinkies! Opt instead for bacon wrapped scallops. Have 3 for only 150 calories plus you'll get a healthy dose of omega 3's and protein.

The Worst Cocktail
Gin and Tonic has 210 calories and 22g of sugar. We all know that eggnog is bad (so avoid this too) but a gin and tonic has the same amount of sugar as 2 bowls of fruit loops! Opt for champagne because you can have a second glass for the same amount of calories but only have 5 grams of sugar!

The Worst Entree
Prime Rib is the worst entree with 750 calories and 45 grams of fat which happens to be the same amount as 22 strips of bacon! Instead have roasted beef tenderloin for only half the calories and a third of the fat.

The Worst Dessert
You should already know this one but Pecan Pie has 810 calories and 65 grams of fat. You could have have 7 cups of Breyer's butter pecan ice cream for the same amount of calories and or 5 ice cream sundaes for the same sugar content. Have an ice cream sundae instead for about 210 calories.

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Justin B. said...

Thanks this info will help me through the holidays! I can't gain weight because of wrestling!!! gb