Dec 18, 2008

Exercise suppresses appetite, study says

If you're on a diet and feel hungry before it's time to eat again, try working out! A new fitness study says that exercise suppresses your appetite. According to the the American Physiological Society, when doing aerobic activity like walking on a treadmill for 60 minutes, your body produces a surge in hunger squashing hormones! The effect lasts for about 2 hours including the duration of your exercise.
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Even though the study produced promising results, it's still unknown if the suppression of the appetite hormones has any effect on the suppression of eating. Researchers are excited about furthering their research to find more effective ways to use exercise to help weight control.

While several hormones help regulate your appetite, the researchers only looked at the two major ones, ghrelin and peptide YY. Ghrelin is a hormone that is known to stimulate appetite while Peptide YY is an appetite suppressing hormone.

The study looked at the effects of the two hormones after a 60-minute walking based workout on a treadmill vs 90 minutes of weight lifting. The researchers concluded that walking or any aerobic activity is better at suppressing one's appetite than non-aerobic exercise based on the analysis of the levels of ghrelin and peptide YY the body produced.

Even though this study is early in the works, before your Christmas meal, go for a long walk to see if perhaps it helps you restrain from overeating! Better yet, fire up your metabolism in just 4 minutes with our Fastest Workout ever. Or check our the Number 1 Fat Burning Exercise! It may sound easier than it is, but give it a try and your waist will thank you!

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