Dec 8, 2008

Going Green Holiday Gift Ideas Under $20

Finding the perfect gift can be stressful and take way more time that it should, which is why we have our gift guide for everyone on your list, on any budget.

This year's biggest trend was hands down, going green which is why quite a few of our top gift ideas are of course earth friendly. Kicking off our list for 2009 are Yoga ToeSox made with Organic cotton for only $10. The perfect gift for the new yogi in your family. These are great for anyone who slides during yoga or may just sweat a little more than most. Buy these online at

For the domestic suzy homemaker or anal adam on your list, you've got to buy Nellie's Dryer Balls. The eco friendly version of dryer sheets reduces lint, wrinkles and drying time, (which means less energy is used by your dryer). They soften fabrics naturally and last approx 1000 washes. These balls can be purchased for $18 at various online retailers.

One of the most shocking revelations this year proved that bpa was in fact a cancer causing chemical used in our water bottles. Reduce your risk and those you love by purchasing a non-Toxic Sigg Aluminum Water Bottle. This bottle is stylish, ight weight, leakproof and no weird after taste here. Prices start around $15.

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