Mar 24, 2008

The Hills Season Premier Live Blog

"Paris was about to change everything..."

Stephan looks pissed, he def had wait for the girls forever or the camera crew made him do it a million takes.
Why are they wearing such uncomfortable shoes.

Voice over number one - "The Eiffel Tower"

Same old great tune, same opening so far... will Lo be in the credits??? Nope.

Now the title is "Paris Changes Everything"

Now we are skiing in Colorado with Heidi I am assuming. I wanna see Heidi Skii wicked bad. Her mom looks nice. She's no OC MILF. Heidi looks miserable and genuinely traumatized. Is she a good actress or does she always look like that because she thinks every watching hates her?

Great Quote
"I love Feathers" says Lauren
"You Love Feathers" agrees Whitney.

The girls arrive to pick up some shoes too late at colette. They act like it's a huge issue however they can just go back in the morning.

"Either we go naked or they go shoeless"
"Think at this point they prefer us naked. " At what point?

OMG! Heidi goes to Colorado, and the apt becomes a mess. Holy ShePrat! Obviously someone took the fat comments to the extreme. Spencers sister, got a makeover and lost at least 15-20 lbs.

Spencer shows up in Colorado. I don't think his Dad is very happy. Wow Heidi is a strong girl. She turned off her phone! Message box is full! Wow. Way to go Heidi. How did the fam not know. Heidi so knew, and that's why her mom and her went skiing. Back to the Crillon ball - Teen Vogue photo shoot. Seriously, what the hell is the Crillon Ball. ooooh the shoes... and The Vogue editor is like a total Madonna with just one name, Kimball. how do I get one of those, oh wait, I forgot everyone has one name on this show. How do cell phone's work in France. Audrina calls Lauren, to tell her that Brody has a new girlfriend! Oh snap. Audrina, it couldn't wait until the Lauren got back from Paris...

That took two days..." laughs Whitney. I love it. Lauren gives her the flash look of death. Haha love it. Bitch.

Heidi is such a good actress! Her mom isn't bad either. Spencer shave. Heidi doesn't know what to say still. Say goodbye until he shaves that scruff nasty.

Whit and Lauren are going to meet some guys they know. Yeah right, we heard they were casting way months ago via Perez. ew smoking Eropean men. have you ever played that game? Gay or European? Nothing against gay men, I love them, but all European men dress like they might be gay. Lauren is making eye contact with an old scruffy man. How old is this man, and why is Lauren wearing Bright RED lipstick. And this blonde dude has cartoon hair. EWWWWWWWWWW. I can't stand these men. God, they can't find better men. Seriously, am I suppose to believe the two girls are attracted to these men?

"Rahhh" weird noise made. Funny. I want to hear it again. Lauren or Whitney

Heidi looks like wax at dinner with Spencer and her Parents. Heidi si giving Spencer the boot and has her mom tells him. Now they are talking to each other thorugh her parents. This is so awkward.

Does Heidi still work at Bolthouse. Did Heidi ever work at bolthouse?

Now lauren and Witney are going out. Wow, I'm impressed with Lauren's sewing abilities. I can't believe they go out in their dresses or that they didn't have enough clothes. Of course they are going to get ruined!
This man is so now nasty... why is Lauren talking to him. He has his shirt unbuttomed to the middle. Eduardo is way cuter. And younger looking. But they are all listening to unst music. Now the nasty man is getting trying to make his moves. God Lauren please don't flirt with this man. They are making him a love interest, but lauren has no interest at all. She smiles funny at Eduardo. God how much longer, im tired and bored. Lauren doesn't want anything to do with this man. Thank GOD.

HAHAHA WHAT is this? It's a commercial at first that looks like Lauren and Whitney THE MOVIE in Paris! But no, it's a horror flick. WTF??? Hilarious. The Ruins.


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