Mar 31, 2008

80's Prom Recap Bday Bash

I was quite surprised by the responses I got to my blog about my birthday! I try to keep my blogs on my guilty pleasure of celebrity gossip, but every now and then, I do slip in a word or two about my personal life happenings. I can however connect "my prom" to diets and celebrities.

First and foremost, I did not find my dress. My roommate bought one off line thinking it would fit based on the size listed on the tag. I don't really wanna talk specifics, but the dress was way too small for her. Since she couldn't return it, I said I'd give it a whirl and put it on. At first I thought it was not going to fit. I thought we were gonna need pliers to zip it up the back. However, 4 sizes bigger than I normally wear, and I was sitting pretty in my Vanna White ensemble.
CONCLUSION: A size 8 in the 80's is now a size 4. If Marilyn Monroe was a size 10, she was actually about a 6 these days. The later statistic may be known by many of you, but I still hear people say she was a size 10 and I just want to clarify, she was what used to be a size 10.

Emily's dress did not make it in time. Booo evil eBay sellers.
Now that you've seen the dress, let me tell you something bad. I was so overwhelmed with not fitting into the dress and having to suck it in all night, I did some yoga and pilates in the morning. Go! That's what I say when I do things, that most normal people wouldn't do. I also decided to have myself a nice little breakfast, and a hearty sandwich. Ahhh dinner you ask? I honestly didn't even think about it. I didn't think I'd fit in my dress so I didn't have any. I had a small slice of pizza before leaving my house fearing that I'd be tipsy after one glass of wine and to avoid a massive hangover. CONCLUSION: A tight dress is not a bad diet. Oh wait, I forgot I also had a cupcake in there.

Me and some of the best dressed!

Me and my favorite Cape Cod boys, even if they might have caused a little rumble...

Me and my favorite sister. She's actually my only sister.

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