Nov 25, 2008

More Thanksgiving Diet Tips and Fitness Ideas

Now that you know a typical Thanksgiving dinner has 4500 calories, do you know what it takes to burn that all off?

In order to burn all the calories, a 5'4 female weighing 130 lbs would need to go for a 6 hours and 40 minute long jog! Yuck. Got 4 minutes? Before you just in the shower, try our the "Worlds Fastest Workout," to get your metabolism going. You can burn up to 400 calories throughout the rest of the day.

Here are the rest of the best tips to surviving Thanksgiving without gaining weight:

* TIP #6: Pumpkin pie is your healthiest bet when it comes to dessert pies. Not an option? Use good judgement, drink lots of water to help fullness settle in and monitor potions.

This video talks more about shocking calorie counts for Thanksgiving dessert!

* TIP #7: Have a light breakfast with protein and whole grains like scrambled eggs, turkey bacon with a piece of Ezekial bread and some peanut butter (or jam if you're hungover. It will help you feel better I promise).

* TIP #8: Wear snug pants.

* TIP #9: Exercise in the morning, go for a walk before/after the main meal or play flag football with the guys. There are often

* TIP #10: Get moving by help cleaning up.

* TIP #11: Fill your plate first with the healthiest options. Add unhealthy side dishes like candied sweet potatoes last.

* TIP #12: Drink calorie free beverages.

* TIP #13: Plan ahead. Know what foods you never get to have and know you love, so you can splurge, eat lighter appetizers, and plan to have a light salad later if you're hungry again later.

A great way to use leftovers but stay healthy is to make this Thanksgiving left over Cobb Salad I've created:

Thanksgiving Leftover Cobb Salad


Leftover Turkey

Leftover Corn

Leftover Olives


Bagged Lettuce

Hard Boiled (egg whites only)

Turkey Bacon


Red Onion

Mix it all together and use a low fat dressing of your choice. The ingredients are obviously all subject to your own approval. Got an avocado? Throw some of that in there. Add some cheese if you want, a good addition is Roquefort. My pick for dressing is Ken's Honey Mustard spray salad dressing, but feel free to make your own or use a favorite.
For more info: Watch my video on YouTube to see the actual sizes of specific portions mentioned.

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