Nov 6, 2008

JP Licks Copies Pink Berry - Boston Beware!

JP Licks scammed me today. They have this new frozen yogurt flavor Yogurt X (yes, that's what it's called Yogurt X) and it's suppose to be like Pink Berry. Pink Berry is a frozen "yogurt" parlor with fresh health mix-ins including my favorite mango. It's sweet, tart and tangy and damn delicious. It's kinda like frozen greek yogurt but not. Anyway, I thought Pink Berry was expensive until J.P. licks. Pink Berry gives you a large serving with 3 toppings for less than J.P. lick's small with 2 toppings - the fruit was not even fresh for over $6! A small fro yo for 6 bucks?

Don't settle when you don't have to Boston! I've been told UGrill has UBerry Yogurt which is similar to Pink Berry. Also there's a yummy place in Harvard that has a very similar tasting and offering as Pink Berry called Berry Line. I have been to Berry Line and it was awesome! I love Pink Berry so much, I go out of my way even in NYC to get it. I blog about it regularly and take photos of it like a tourist. See? Perez Hilton actually stole this pic from me, but I'm totally fine with it.

Speaking of food... yummmmm.

At this point, I have leather skin. Yes. Skin made of leather. I have confidence that is sky high however, thanks to my amazing fans. For this reason alone, a little Halloween poundage will not result in a video mouth off - no it wont. It will probably just force me to run that extra mile that I should probably be running anyway. Damn Holiday season, pass me a beer.

Also, thanks to the YouTubers as well for helping me realize I never would want to be famous and in the public spotlight.

Here is our Killer Home Arm Workout that is your savior to toning up you guns without the gym.

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