Aug 21, 2008

Tight ASSets: Kim Kardashian Workout Video!

Kim Kardashian is most well known for her social life, sex tape scandals and her large butt. The 27 year old has a behind of gold. I embrace and applauding her self-confidence and womanly curves, proving once and for all, sexy does not mean stick skinny.

Kim Is Quite The Blogger

According to her personal blog, she first released her very own workout DVD in May 2008. In the end of June, she decided to kick up her fitness routine by going to the gym for 2 hours 3 times a week. She challenged her fans to workout more with her in losing 10 lbs but gaining 5 of muscle. In July, she was seen working out with boyfriend and NFL running back Reggie Bush in some sand dunes. She said it was “the hardest workout of her life” on her blog. The workout consisted of sprinting up sand dunes. If I dated an NFL player, you couldn’t pay me to join him (well maybe if real money was involved.)

By August 8th, she was down 5 pounds. She began going to the gym 4-5 times a week. Here is what she says;
”I start off with running on the treadmill for about 30 minutes! I definately run 2 miles per workout, then I lift weights for about 30 minutes. I alternate between arms and legs switching off every other workout. I then do a bunch of stomach exercises and then stretch! When I get home I always do leg lifts, lunges and squats!” And oh yeah – that was totally her typo that I left in there mainly because I would spell definetly wrong every time if it wasn’t for spell check. (That was a joke)

She admits she has changed her diet to eat more protein and less junk, as well as reducing sweets but not eliminating of course.

However, now Kim is sick of being thought of as a bootylicious babe. She recently declared that she is determined to lose some of the extra baggage. Most recently, she is sick of being upstaged by her bum! She told Radar magazine recently, “I love that I’m curvy, but I’m on this major kick to try and lose weight, especially in my butt… I’m just so over it! When you’re posing on the red carpet and the paparazzi shout, ‘Turn around! Turn around!’ - it gets a little offensive.”

After every media picked up her comments to Radar, Kim blogged about her favorite fast food chain – Wendy’s and posted pictures of her and her sisters “pigging out,” proving once and for all, not even celebrity eat healthy 24/7.

In honor of the reality star, we bring you 4 awesome butt exercises for a fantastic glute workout inspired by the one and only Kim Kardashian! These moves require no weights, and can be done anywhere. The names are also super cute! Here are the reps for you to jot down after you watch. Enjoy and remember that unless you’ve got the genes, your butt will never come close to Kim’s with this workout.

1. Bird Dog x 24-30 reps alternating sides
2. Donkey Kicks x 15 reps on each side
3. Curtsy Lunge x 15 reps on each side
4. Airplane x 8-10 reps on each side

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