Aug 12, 2008

Olympic Fever: Who Wouldn't Want A Gold?

Do you find yourself getting Olympic fever every 2 years? Whether it's the winter or summer games, I watch in awe as world class athletes represent their country all in the name of sports. I get inspired to be a stronger, better athlete and then get depressed about quitting the coveted Olympic sports like Gymnastics and Swimming.

There have been many sports I excelled in as a child that could have led to Olympic stardom. First there was gymnastics. After quitting in 2nd grade I was re inspired by the 1996 "Magnificent 7." I wanted to be an Olympic gymnast. Most of you probably know that by the tender age of 16, girls are already qualifying for this event. That left me with 3 years to master the trade. I was also a competitive figure skater, but stopped at the weathered age of 8 after my sister called it quits. I was pretty good actually at ice skating, minus the whining that came with putting on the skates in a freezing rink. I took swimming lessons in the summers and had "a beautiful stroke" but never continued once the weather got cold. It seems like most sports require beginning at an early age. How come there are none that you can begin training for in your mid-twenties?

Instead of lamenting over the reasons why I quit gymnastic or ice skating, this year I've decided to find a sport you can begin to train for at an older age like weight lifting. God knows, 6 year old's shouldn't lift a dumbbell. I researched various sports, and found that crew, rowing, shooting and perhaps power lifting were my best bets to get an Olympic invite.

In this weeks video, Stephen Cabral, body transformation expert and personal trainer, showed me how to do the clean and jerk. A power lifting Olympic event we both feel could be my calling. To see the weight that I successfully lifted and where I need to go, the weight that actually earns a gold, watch the video! It was fun but maybe not my forte after all...

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