Oct 26, 2007

People Magazine Dumps on Queen Latifah

Ok, I am 90% sick of celebrity gossip. My new guilty pleasure is sports. Yes, sports and reading about the players (and their personal lives). Today I was planning on writing about professional athlete's wives, and girlfriends. I mean come on, they have to stay at the top of their game to keep their hunnies from running off with a groupie. Most started dating their men before they made it big, so it's not like they have that Type A personality drive that famous people do (which is why I believe they can be so self disciplined about their bodies and what they put in them.) But of course, People magazine had to have Queen Latifah on the cover.

First, the headline is "200 LBS & Loving It!" Sure she's smiling on the cover, but when she sees what they put as the headline I doubt she will be for much longer... Seriously, I ask myself, is any woman truely loving the fact that they weigh over 200 lbs? It's to say, but does she actually feel that way? Good for her. All the power to her, but I'm thinking People magazine just wrote that as the headline and those exact words never left her tongue.

Next, I turn to read the article. "Making It Big." Seriously, I'm not joking. Was this suppose to be a pun INTENDED?

The People reporter asks Latifah, "You just finished filming Mad Money in Shreveport, La., with Katie Holmes, who always brought cupcakes and treats to the set. How did you manage to maintain your figure?" Not to be mean but "maintain her 200 lb figure?" Please tell us Queen Latifah... Ok, not to be mean, but for Queen Latifah, she needs to eat 3000 calories a DAY to maintain her 200 lb figure, if she is active (which most celebs are especially when working). Latifah does not have a sweet tooth however. SHe is more of a meal person.

The reporter then asks, "How do you feel about always being labeled the curvy, big beautiful one?" She responds that it's good for regular girls (i.e. not good for her self esteem) because the meter for beauty has been a slim white girl. Beauty is not just a white girl. It's so many different flavors and shapes. True that, Queen Latifah! But don't go calling her curvy. The Queen prefers to be called Normal. Duhhhhh People Magazine and stupid reporter! She says, "I think I'm normal compared to the statistics. This is a big country now a days. I would say I'm voluptuous. Statuesque. Definitely curvaceous."

What is normal vs being average? Seriously. Are you normal if you're overweight since most of the population is? Or are you normal because your neither stick thin or obese? What are healthy athletic people, abnormal?

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