Oct 15, 2007

I wont tickets to the Red Sox, Lindsay Lohan Needs a Bra

What an amazing weekend! I almost feel like a local celebrity... not quite but perhaps. As most of you know, I am a die hard Boston sports fan. This weekend consisted of Red Sox, Red Sox and a grand finale of the Patriots destroying the Cowboys. On Friday night, I enjoyed hanging out with various pitchers from both the Red Sox and Indians after the game at Game On. I will not reveal their names, but they were cute, young and single.

Then on Saturday for Game 2 of the ALCS, of course I wanted to go back to Game On, but the line was ridiculous. Instead, we headed over to Tequila Rain, or as I like to call it, "Spring Break 365 Days a year, or an acceptable place to watch the sox game when the Cask and Game On have lines wrapped around the block."

Being the Diet Diva that I am (or am not) I was drinking water. Unbeknownst to me, WBCN, a local radio station, and Budweiser were having a promotion, and giving away tickets to the game. The MC, immediately started making fun of me because I was the only person in the house drinking water. I was also in the front row waiting for a table. Long story short, since I was a good sport and basically carried the MC's act, he let me be a finalist in the running for the tickets. Well, guess who knew the trivia answer to the trivia question! You got it! I wont ticket to the game Saturday night at 7:20 pm. The game started at 8! My sister and I headed over the Pro Shop and bought our selves some warm clothing for the game that would go until 2 AM! So much fun. There were people at the park yelling my name that recognized me from Tequila Rain (They all probably hated me, because I totally did not deserve to win the tickets), but kinda cool in the same way. Lastly, I ate more pizza at the game than I think I've eaten in the past 2 months combined. Hey, at least I didn't eat 4 Fenway franks... those things have 170 calories each, which actually doesn't seem that bad. Hmmm, I didn't make the best decision now did I?

On another note, Lilly Allen looks like she has lost a few pounds. Guess all that smack she was talking a couple months actually got to her, and she felt the pressure to cave in to the Hollywood standard. Too bad, but am I suprised? Not at all.

L.Lohan is out of rehab. She doesn't look like she has lost any weight, but her boobs look saggy. Why not wear a bra linds? I call this look the Mrs. Weiner. She was a teacher in the sixth grade at my middle school and we used to think that she didn't wear a bra, but her pants would be so high, that she would use a belt and tuck her shirt in, she she really didn't need a bra. Her boobs looked they hung over her pants. Mrs. Weiner was ancient back then, Lindsay is young and should be wearing a bra.

Anyone else have a super exciting weekend? There are going to be pick up online with me winning the tickets but I can't seem to find them, grrrr.

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