Mar 12, 2009

Kelly Clarkson: Fat, Pregnant, or Normal?

Kelly Clarkson performed her newest single last night on American Idol and this morning rumors are swirling that she is pregnant.  Haven't we been down this path before?  She is not pregnant, and she's not fat.  She's just a little bigger boned and I think it's great!  She is an excellent role model for young girls. 

Kelly Clarkson has always had a bit of bigger build than typical Hollywood starlets.  She recently told Extra or Access Hollywood (I can't remember) that she's always been about the same size.  When reports or pictures surface that she has gained weight, Clarkson says it depends on the outfit she's wearing and camera angle.

Sound familiar?  Not too long ago, Jessica Simpson has a similar mishap with a pair of "mom jeans" at a chili fest.  Not even a week later, it looked as if the weight had fallen off.

I feel that the main reason when people see Kelly in concert photos or performing live on TV like last night and they think she has gained weight, it's because they are so used to seeing her in magazines where she is always photoshopped to look much thinner than she actually is!  For example, she appeared grossly retouched in this Glamour cover from 2007.

She's not pregnant people, she's just naturally curvier!  She was quoted on Extra (or Access Hollywood) saying, "I don't know who this girl is, but damn does she look good," when looking at her own magazine spread.  

The two most famous idols are arguably Kelly and Carrie Underwood.  Both lost a significant amount of weight after they won their titles.  Us weekly covered their weight loss back in December of 2006.  So what does Kelly Clarkson do to keep in shape?  Last I heard, Clarkson was an avid runner. She reportedly used to run for like an hour every morning! That is until she began touring and no longer had the time. During the summer of 2006 Kelly landed a deal with Vitamin Water (weird because Underwood is the new spokeswoman).  Clarkson did gain some weight but then Vitamin water reportedly requested she lose the weight before representing their sugar loaded "health" product.  She lost that weight cutting out sugary drinks cold turkey. Sounds like she just stopped drinking her sponsor. 

I wonder if my body "idol" Carrie Underwood will gain a few pounds now that she's representing Vitamin Water? Hmmmm... What do you think about Clarkson?  Does she gain weight or do you believe her when she says it depends on what she is wearing?

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