Oct 31, 2008

Happy Healthy Halloween

Happy Halloween! As the health and fitness guru from YouTube, I am publishing my list of Healthy Halloween treats!

Here is the video version above on YouTube. Here is the version on Diet.com Video.

Last weekend, i spent 2 hours in Target staring at the nutrition information of all the trick or treat candies trying to figure out which ones were the healthiest so you don't have to! I also have the cell phone images to prove it!

Holy Cow, Look at all the Candy!

But first, I want to know what your favorite Halloween candy is? Mine is and always will be the Caramello. I was disappointed to find that between the thousands of options target had to offer, none included the Caramello. The rare house that gives out these cadbury candies holds the key to my happiness on a cold fall evening in my princess costume.

Forget best, lets talk worst. My list for worst Halloween candy to be given out is as follows in no particular order: Tootsie rolls, Dots, Smartees, Dum Dums, Raisins, Necco Wafers and random unlabeled hard candies. Gross.

And now here is my list of top Halloween candy for diets...

Keep in mind this not about losing weight but choosing the lesser evil when it comes to nutritional values. It would be naive and stupid to think you'd eat an apple over a mini snickers, right?

My top 3 healthiest chocolate picks are Peanut m&m's, 3 Musketeers, and York Peppermint Patties or Junior Mints. Peanuts have protein, the peppermint sisters have dark chocolate for antioxidants and peppermint suppresses hunger, and 3 Musketeers have the least amount of calories and fat!

Beyond that, always choose dark chocolate over milk if available for additional antioxidants, be generous - share your candy, use it in recipes, freeze for "that time of the month". I leave you with these last words that my friends father would utter every time we jumped out of his car to our underage party - moderation girls, moderation.

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