Jul 11, 2008

Thinfluence: Mean Girls vs The Media - Pressure Be Thin

Mean Girls is one of my favorite movies. I often think (and regret) the things I said or did but I remember the things my friends said even better. One day one of my closest friends came up to me and said, "Katie told me that I was thinner than you today." Katie was one of my friends' sister. I even have a picture from that very day tanning in sports bras and running shorts, still metal mouthed, and still I wonder how I thought for a split second that I was ...

bigger than my friend. Kidding, well, sort of. I didn't know what to think. Was I bigger? Did I care if I was bigger? I was more toned than she was but does that make me "fatter"? I had never compared myself to one of my good friends, but that was the end of my blissful existence in the world of Mean Girls.

In the final segment of our Photoshop video series, we ask if women compare themselves to their friends, celebrities or no one. We also asked what men preferred, the smaller the better or if a little meat on the bones is a good thing. Check out the video on YouTube to see what the 'tubers said. Post your answers below, on YouTube, on the video at http://diet.com/videos -or- ON ALL THREE!

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